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Medical and Clinical Training Opportunities

Centerstone  provides training opportunities for the clinical disciplines listed below to more than 200 professionals a year providing one of the largest community programs in Florida. Licensed practitioners provide supervision for training and licensure paired with real-world experience and advice on the professional impact of each supervisee.

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Centerstone of Florida is a National Health Services Corps (NHSC) approved site. The NHSC will provide funds to participants from appropriate disciplines to repay their outstanding qualifying educational loans.

Loan Repayment

The program offers psychiatric and behavioral health providers the opportunity to have their student loans repaid while serving in communities with limited access to care. Participants could qualify for $20,000.00 in loan repayments annually, for up to two years, minimally.

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  2. National Health Service Corps Job Center
  3. BCRS Portal System

Clinical Disciplines

Medical Resident

D.O. wishing to complete a 4 year medical residency in psychiatry, internal medicine and neurology. Click here for Medical Residency information.

Post-Doctoral Resident

PhD/ Psy.D/ Ed.D graduates may apply for any clinical position at Manatee Glens that does not require licensure. Minimum 900 hours direct care yearly with weekly licensure supervision. Click here for current clinical openings.

Psychology Intern

Interns fulfill APPIC guidelines while serving as a full-time member of the inpatient, outpatient or residential treatment team to which they are assigned. Click here for APPIC Website.

Psychology Trainee

The average therapy and diagnostic practicum for a Master’s/Doctoral graduate student is 20 hours for 40 weeks, with direct client care and clinical supervision provided.

Counselor and Case Manager Intern

Students in a Master’s or Bachelor’s social services clinical program work under the supervision of licensed or certified staff providing direct service in one of our clinical programs. Length of internship varies by school requirement. Click here for current clinical openings.

Public Health/Applied Anthropology Interns

Students in a Master’s or Bachelor’s program in Public Health or Applied Anthropology will work under the supervision of our staff in exposing them to the issues in a large behavioral health organization.

Physician Assistant

Full-time preceptorships include direct client care under supervision including medical histories, physical examinations, order/analyze laboratory tests, treatment planning and direct care.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Intern

School requirements vary, but many ARNP students provide direct service from 12-20 hours weekly during their semester-based practicum under supervision.

Medical Students

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine students are placed for a one-month rotation assigned to inpatient and outpatient rounds and staffing with an experienced psychiatrist. Click here for LECOM information.

State College of Florida Health Science Students

Nursing and occupational therapy assistant students complete observational rotations under supervision of the College.

Administrative/Medical Records Students

Students getting degrees/certificates in medical records, billing, and general medical office management will be supervised in a practical exposure to these areas.