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Patient Information

Centerstone is HOPE. Hope for you, hope for your family, hope for our community and hope for a better future. Whether it's a major life change, anxiety, emotional issues at school, a sexual assault, substance abuse, mental health concerns, or behavior spirals out of control, we stand firm in our commitment of support to you and your loved ones.

All treatment is planned and provided by an interdisciplinary team of staff members, including psychiatrists, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, nurses, psychotherapists, case managers, primary care physicians, and rehabilitation staff. 

Children come to us when they are bullied in school and just feel they can’t get along. Adults come to use when they’ve lost a spouse, a job, a home, their direction or they just feel lost…the teenager who is overwhelmed by depression and sees no way out…We give them hope. Hope to move on and hope for a healthy future. We want to share this hope with you.

Centerstone is a caring place where you do not feel rejected, isolated or alone. Instead you are empowered, encouraged and strengthened. You will know where to turn and have a plan for your life. We provide an environment of hope where health and wellness is possible for all involved.

We know that Centerstone works. For almost 60 years, Centerstone has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families, enabling them to live full and healthy lives and function at work, school and with their loved ones. We can assist you in your journey to hope, health and wellness.

Steadman shares that Centerstone is "a NEW BEGINNING." Steadman has a mental illness and his life was very hard. He did not understand what he was going through. Eventually, he started getting help at Manatee Glens and things got a lot better. Steadman states Centerstone "helped me get on medications to control my illness and then helped me find a place to live. My caseworker visits several times a week to make sure I’m not having any problems that could set off a crisis. If I have a crisis, Centerstone intervenes." Steadman is now an artist and won a juried art show at the Village of Arts.

Chloe would tell you that Centerstone is "a CHANCE TO BE MYSELF." Chloe lost her father at a young age and developed health issues. Due to these issues, she was bullied at school and thought about taking her own life. Chloe came to Centerstone and gained coping skills and received therapeutic help. Now Chloe is speaking out against bullying and is a healthy and happy teenager who is a leader and mentor at her school.

Augustine would share that Centerstone is "FREEDOM." Augustine didn’t have a father figure so he looked up to his cousins. Unfortunately they were involved with gangs and drugs. With the help of Centerstone, he has graduated High School and making plans for a better future.

The unimaginable inner strength each one has is beyond comprehension for most individuals. Joining with our professional staff, a new beginning, chance to be yourself and freedom is within your reach. This environment of healing has empowered people to fight the battles and win, and we are ready to help you transform your life.