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Our Approach To Care

To fulfill our vision, Centerstone...

family therapy

  • Embraces the humanity of those in our care.
  • Communicates to reassure and empower.
  • Carries hope for each one of those in our care.
  • Includes loved ones in the healing process.
  • Provides state-of-the-art care from caring staff.
  • Offers comfort through our generous hospitality.
  • Uplifts the human spirit through all faiths.
  • Inspires through the cultural and healing arts.

Centerstone treats all patients with respect and dignity. There's no "one size fits all;" Each patient develops a treatment plan with our caring professionals, created specifically for him or her. Centerstone recognizes the right of people to be informed of the purpose and nature of recommended treatment and services, and to accept or reject any or all such services, except as provided by state statute.

Centerstone believes that mental, emotional, life adjustment, and addictions disorders are treatable and that recovery is possible for everyone.

kids room Treatment services are individualized and seek to promote the client’s highest level of functioning. Quality of life considerations are always a priority for the clients, with special attention to continuity of care between and among levels of service, treatment programs and with associated healthcare providers.

Centerstone recognizes the importance of family (whomever "family" is for each individual) for the success of most treatment. In many circumstances, "family" therapy for all or a portion of the course of treatment yields the most effective results. Even when confidentiality guidelines prohibit discussion of treatment with family members, we gladly accept information family members feel are important to care.