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Nov 24 2013

The demands on us never easy. We live in a society where stress and anxiety are with us daily. Managing the demands of life is the key to handling stress and living well. There is good stress in the world. This is normal and manageable. It actually motivates us to work hard and excel. Good stress comes from competition, forces of the world and our own desires to do well.

For many people the potentially harmful stress starts with our overwhelming compulsion to try to juggle too many things at once. Multi-tasking is highly over-rated. In fact, even The Harvard Business Review agrees that it’s actually counter-productive. We think we are getting more done by doing more than one thing at a time, but we are splitting our attention and only partially engaged in several activities rather than being fully engaged in only one. So we’re not as productive. And that actually creates more stress.

For those who just need to get back on track, one great and simple stress-reliever is laughter! It relaxes tense muscles, reduces blood pressure & heart rate, boosts the immune system and causes the body to release pain-fighting hormones! So bring some healthy laughter into your workplace.

Exercise is also a great stress-buster. Find ways to get fit while still at work! Stand more. You’ll burn more calories when standing rather than sitting. Walk over to a co-workers office rather than sending an email. Try conducting a meeting while walking. The movement boosts creativity and keeps people focused. There are some simple exercises you can do at your desk. Stretching and deep breathing are also helpful. Sure, you may look a little silly doing squats at your desk, but you’ll provide good laughter for your co-workers!

Showing gratitude and appreciation also decreases stress. Validate concerns of employees, and take time to listen to them. Encourage your colleagues and staff members to take care of themselves.

Stress is not so good when it is constant and wears a person down. When someone is less able to cope, the stress level is too high. Then, many people begin to procrastinate, are late for deadlines, miss work and go into withdrawal. Watch out for feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, depression, substance abuse and contemplation of self-destructive actions. At that point a professional counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist is needed. Manatee Glens offers help at many levels and sees healthy breakthroughs every day!

Warning: being in a constant hurry and trying to force things to happen, reduces our ability to find creative ideas, use our intuition and listen to our hunches.

Learn to corral the stressors, solve problems, prioritize and compartmentalize. And never forget to laugh!